General Notarial Services

Michael Oerton is a Notary Public and therefore is able to provide general notarial services which are extensive and encompass the certification of documents and, in some cases, the preparation of documents, in the main those that are required for whatever reason in a foreign country. For example, Powers of Attorney for the sale and purchase of properties in Spain require a Notary’s signature to a Power of Attorney which you may be granting to your Spanish Lawyer. However, it goes much further than that as not only do many documents require the input of a Notary Public but the country concerned will insist upon the Notary’s signature being authenticated by an Apostille. The Apostille is a seal affixed to the document once it has been notarised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Many people do not realise that this is necessary and can cause a last minute panic whilst a document is sent to the FCO for apostillisation. A fair indication of charge can be given upon a sight of the document concerned or alternatively a description over the telephone.